Leader in Italy in tourism, port and maritime services, Bassani works as shipping agency, cruise ground handlers, destination management company, incoming tour operator, travel agents, shipping agent, freight forwarders

In 1947 Bassani obtained the second IATA license and is one of the founding members of Fiavet, WATA, TWLGO and World of Incentives. Bassani has grown in all its business for more than 100 years. Thanks to young management and a dynamic team, today Bassani is one of the most competitive and cutting-edge business of our country

Bassani S.r.l.

Mail: info@bassani.it
Phone: +39 041 5208800


Events2B creates and manages events, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops for high profile companies. Thanks to its solid public relations contacts and a long-term experience, the company also offers marketing and corporate integrated communications services to get the right visibility and brand awareness

Events2B S.r.l.

Mail: info@events2b.it
Phone: +39 041 2727819


Liberty Travel is an Incoming tour operator and destination management company with more than 25 years of history. Provides services to travel agencies and tour operators mainly for Francophone markets. Venice Liberty Travel provides its services throughout Italian territory for bespoke groups, escorted tours, group series, incentives and tailored FIT itineraries

Liberty Travel S.r.l.

Mail: commerciale@libertyvenice.com
Phone: +39 041 27 27 831


Blitz Exclusive has acquired a pivotal role in the field of ground and water transportation in Venice and its mainland, since 1976.  Blitz proposes a pure luxury experience on board the proprietary fleet of Limos and Water Limos. Furthermore, Blitz Exclusive Airport VIP Service has been created to offer complete support in any airport procedure on arrival, transit and departure at the intercontinental Marco Polo Airport of Venice.  Blitz offices are located in Marco Polo Airport and Main Venice Car Terminal Piazzale Roma, as well as in the most exclusive resort in the Dolomite Mountains Cortina d’Ampezzo

Blitz Exclusive srl

Mail: web@blitzexclusive.com
Phone: +39 041 09 86 800


International Limousine Service offers exclusive transfer services with private driver. A luxury transfer service by a Mercedes Benz fleet or by water limousine. ILS offices are located in the main international arrival terminals as Marco Polo airport and Piazzale Roma

International Limousine Service S.r.l.
Santa Croce 496, 30120 Venezia

Mail: reservations@internationallimousine.it
Phone: +39 041 5230754


Aloschi & Bassani, joint venture between Bassani S.r.l. and Aloschi Napoli, provides tour operator, ground handling and port agency services to the cruise industry in all Italian ports

Aloschi & Bassani S.r.l

Mail: management@aloschibassani.com
Tel: +39 041 5208800

ISS International Shore Services is a global business in the tourism and shore operations field: specialise in providing turnarounds, port operations, shore excursions, ground arrangements, private aviation, transfers and luxury concierge to enjoy best discovery experiences in the main worldwide destinations.

International Shore Services sarl

Mail: contact@interss.ch
Phone: +41 22 346 03 08


Sviluppo Laguna manages exclusive docking facilities dedicated to river ships in the Venice lagoon and along the river Po

Sviluppo Laguna S.r.l.

Mail: info@venicerivercruising.com
Phone: +39 041 2727888


Venice Hostess provides Hostess, Stewards, Promoters and Models for companies, marketing agencies and events always offering professionalism, beauty and elegance. In addition to this, Venice Hostess coordinates the realization of exhibition stands, theatre shows and concerts, also taking care of the necessary paperwork for obtaining public authorizations and permits

Venice Hostess

Mail: info@venicehostess.it
Phone: +39 392 97 16 702


Bassani Immobiliare owns significant real estate assets inside the Science and Technology Park Vega and in the historical center of Venice and mainland

Bassani Immobiliare S.r.l.

Mail: management@bassanigroup.com
Phone: +39 041 5208800

Docks Venezia owns an area of 50.000mq in the new “Science and Technology Park Center in Venice”. The area line in a strategic position between the industrial district and the only road connection linking the mainland to Venice

DOCKS Venezia S.r.l.

Mail: management@bassanigroup.com
Phone: +39 041 5208800

Accounting and administrative services for Bassani Group

Servizi Contabili Adriatico S.r.l.

Mail: amministrazione@bassani.it
Phone: +39 041 2727870